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Hollywood Heights, Hollywood Hills

Hollywood Heights is a neighborhood in the Hollywood Hills bounded by Highland Avenue, Franklin Avenue, the Hollywood Bowl and Outpost Drive. The neighborhood includes distinctive homes and recognized landmarks such as the High Tower and the Frank Lloyd Wright Freeman House. Also home to well-known public venues such as the Hollywood Bowl, Yamashiro Restaurant and the Magic Castle. The Hollywood Heights Association ("HHA") was founded in 1983 by a group of dedicated neighbors determined to preserve the neighborhood and its environment.

Hidden Staircases Of Hollywood Heights

In the early days of Hollywood, many of the homes were built into the hills and accessible by staircases and pathways. In the era of the automobile, anyone navigating the hills behind the wheel knows how steep and precarious the ascents and descents can be. Not to mention the fine art of parking. But take away the heavy machinery and strap on a good pair of shoes and you can slide into what feels like another world when you explore the hidden staircases of Hollywood Heights.

Head up Camrose, though, and then turn right onto Rockledge Rd. It's a steep climb, and it feels for a minute like you're about to walk right into someone's driveway. But at the top is a cul-de-sac and you'll spot a walkway that connects you to High Tower Drive. Cross High Tower, but don't forget to look up at the actual Tower. The High Tower is a tall narrow shaft, modeled on an Italian campanile, or bell tower, and it holds a private elevator to carry residents from their garages at its base to their hilltop homes. The tower and the apartments it serves were built by real estate developer Carl Kay in the 1930s. There are some thirty people who have keys to the elevator.

The High Tower was featured in Michael Connelly's book "Echo Park" where his hero Harry Bosch discovers the car of a missing woman hidden in one of the garages. It's also featured in the 1970's filmed version of Raymond Chandler's "The Long Goodbye" - Elliot Gould plays Philip Marlowe, who lives in one of the hillside houses.

Make a right on Broadview Terrace, another walkway. Climb the stairs that are next to High Tower. You'll be up close and personal to a lot of these amazing homes representing a variety of architectural styles. At the top you'll see you're at the intersection of Broadview and Alta Loma (there's a street sign post stuck into the concrete wall beneath some shrubbery.) Make a right and head down the pathway. This is a very secluded, quiet, and shady branch of the 1-mile walk. Make a left to descend the stairs. At the bottom, turn left. You're headed out of this little enclave and are now adjacent to the Bowl's Odin Parking lot.

Hollywood Heights Streets

The streets in and around the Hollywood Heights are as follows; Alta Loma Terrace, Bonita Terrace, Camrose Dr., Fitch Dr., Hillcrest Rd., High Tower Dr., N. Orchid Ave., Paramount Dr., Pinehurst Rd., Rockledge Rd., N. Sycamore Ave. & Yeager Pl.

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