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Mount Olympus, Hollywood Hills

Mount Olympus is a prominent neighborhood in the Hollywood Hills. It is bounded by Laurel Canyon Blvd., Willow Glen Rd., and Nichols Canyon Rd, with its own very special Entrance off Laurel Canyon. It is a community of single family residences founded in 1969 by developer Russ Vincent. The homes are spacious and boast unique architecture. The views are exceptional, with panoramas of the city all around you. The wide streets and meandering sidewalks are not often seen in the Hollywood Hills. This area has become an investors dream with many homes being recreated over the last 10 years.

The streets of Mount Olympus are named after Greek Mythology. They include, Achilles Drive, Apollo Drive, Electra Drive, Hercules Drive, Hermes Drive, Jupiter Drive, Mount Olympus Drive, Oceanus Drive,Venus Drive, Vulcan Drive and Zeus Drive. "You can view recent sales & current available listings by clicking on any of the streets."

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